Make Miracles
Make Miracles

35 Years of Fertility Research

Maria Hospital stands with you on your IVF journey.

Infertility signifies a potential yet to be realized.

It's a temporary phase, a pause in your life's journey, not the end.

MARIA Hospital is here to assist you in moving forward,

guiding you towards the destination of pregnancy.

35 Years of Fertility Research

Differentiated fertility treatments at Maria Hospital

The goal of fertility treatment is not just pregnancy, but to build a healthy family. In order to protect your health and bring a healthy child into the world, Maria Hospital offers five differentiated treatments.

No. 1 fertility hospital in Korea with the largest number of in vitro fertilization (IVF) cases
Implementation of a time-lapse system to select the best embryos
The sole fertility hospital in Korea to apply an optimized culture media solution
Application of cryopreservation technology boasting 95% survival rate
Suggestion of personalized treatments